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What People Say About Our Classes...

This is the best money we have ever spent on our daughter and something that will give her a lifetime of joy-and it's a real bonding experience for us at class and especially at home.
Lora Dowling

Music Together has completely impacted each day I spend with my 1 year old daughter. The music and activities we have learned from class has enriched our play time together at home. I am amazed at how she reacts to the music. She was only 8 months when we started our first session this summer and she has started singing, snapping in time to the music and dancing like crazy each time we play her CDs. Even though it is just my daughter and I attending class, the whole family (my husband and grandparents) have become involved. We keep the CDs in the car, at grandma & grandpa's and have them on daddy's iPod. We have all learned the songs and enjoy them together. I have liked everything about this semester's program!

Our favorite part of class is the "jam session" with all the instruments. My daughter and I have both benefitted from interacting with the other parents, children and Ms. Jennifer. I feel like everyone is very supportive of each other as parents and are really interested in how each child is doing. This is the best mom and child class I have found and thank you for doing such a good job with the program. 
Rachel Sindelar

I like that the 45 minutes are "action packed." There isn't a lot of transition/wasted time. I also like the flexibility and procedure to make up classes. I like that siblings can be in the same class. The research behind the importance of music was very interesting and helpful. I appreciate the teacher reminding us in class of the benefits of doing certain things.
Mary Wedemeyer

We love the CD and listen to it 3-4 times a day. My son knows all of the words and the orderof all the songs. We also love playing the instruments and playing with the scarves in class.
Stephanie Johnson

Thank you for offering this wonderful class. I know my son is really enjoying it. He loves to be sung to (we do it at home, in the car, everywhere). We listen to the CD almost every morning and I play some of the songs on my cello for him when I can. I am very impressed with the wide range of the music styles and genres represented. I was afraid this class would be full of "kiddie" music. I definately plan on keeping these songs in our "repertoire!"
Derek Claussen

My experience of Music Together this semester was easy, fun, and something to look forward to each week. The musical education is excellent; you can see all the children in class developing musically, even the younger ones. I feel lucky because this is precisely what I was looking for, for my child.
Linda Weekes

At home, my children show me that they are learning to enjoy music by singing, dancing, and playing more music (improvised instruments). Both children enjoy listening to the CD. Both join in songs when I initiate them during other activities at home.
Krista Pearl

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